Virtual Office Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Register your company at our address; Sint Annastraat 198 in Nijmegen The Netherlands, with the Virtual Office package from Splendorflex!

Whether you want to increase your presence in Nijmegen, you live across the border and want to register your company in the Netherlands or if you want to prevent customers from finding out your private address. In all these cases, a Virtual Office is the most accessible and most practical solution!

You will receive an official agreement to use for your Chamber of Commerce registration and as soon as mail arrives for you, you will be notified by email and you can collect the mail items in your own mailbox.

Virtual Office

Mailing address
  • Official postal address​
  • Own mailbox
  • Post scan service
  • 2 month notice period

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

That’s right. The virtual office is suitable as a company registration address (Chamber of Commerce) even if the entrepreneur lives abroad.

That’s right. Basically, the Virtual Office is a postal address, but as a member you can also use the workplaces and meeting rooms on a pay-per-use basis or by purchasing a strippenkaart. This membership is therefore also suitable as a visitor’s address and you can also pass this on to the Chamber of Commerce.

You can easily book the meeting rooms and workplaces yourself via our app.

That’s right! Are you expecting a visitor? Book a meeting room or workplace via our app and receive your guests in a representative office space.

That’s right. Do you want to set up a company and provide the Splendorflex address as a postal and/or visitor address to the Chamber of Commerce? Then you need a signed agreement in advance that you will receive from us after purchasing the virtual office membership.

Please note: the agreement is in the name of the company in progress. and is only valid if the company is actually established.

We scan all (closed) mail items that we receive in the name of your company or alias before placing them in your own mailbox. You will then receive a notification by email with a photo of the item.

This way you always know when you receive an important mail item and you want to empty the mailbox.

The mailboxes are located inside the Splendor factory at Sint Annastraat 198 in Nijmegen. At the start of your membership, we invite you for a short tour and key transfer so that you can reach the mailbox independently at all times (24/7).

That’s right. You will receive a key from us for 24/7 access to the Splendor factory and the mailboxes.

We are available every day to answer your question via or by calling us on 0850600778!